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Act Now - Change the Future

The Copenhagen Climate Summit ranks as an historic failure. Its main outcome - the three-page Copenhagen Accord - is nowhere near the legally binding agreement that millions of us expected of our world leaders. Currently we're heading way into the danger zone of a 3 °C rise in global temperatures the consequences of which would be devastating for humanity and the world we live in.

It seems our leaders don't think the world's worth saving. So we're going to have to give them good enough reasons to act.

Show your nation's leader what YOU think is worth saving from the dangers of climate change by adding a picture of it and/ or writing about it in a comment below. You'll also be adding your name to our global call for a stronger climate deal.

Climate change is not going to spare our home. It’s going to affect our economy, our jobs, our food, our weather and quality of life. The list of impacts is endless. Things that we love and care about are at risk. It’s going to affect the lives of our children and the world they inherit. Isn’t all of this worth saving?

Science tells us that to prevent some of the worst impacts we need to keep average global temperature rise well below 2 °C and reduce warming as fast as possible.

To achieve this, industrialised countries have to cut their overall greenhouse gas emissions by 40% below 1990 levels by 2020. And developing nations as a whole need to reduce their projected growth in emissions 15-30% over the same timescale.

change the future!~